Provoking Thought

Photo credit: Arthur Davison, Flickr

Photo credit: Arthur Davison, Flickr

If we are to think about life in an existential way, we are here on earth for a short amount of time. What are we meant to learn from each other? What did I learn from you? More often than not it is easier to look at the other person and analyse their behaviour absolving all responsibility for your own self-care in engagements, interactions and relationships with others. Some of us recreate old patterns in our lives in order to readdress early traumatic experiences from childhood. If we are conscious and brave enough to look inwardly there could be a chance we may stop recreating situations that hurt ourselves. Action brings about change. It could be work, love or other relationships where we recreate situations that make us unhappy. For example take love, some people jump into relationships throwing caution to the wind getting to know someone quickly taking a fast track to intimacy. Does this really work? Why do we do this?

I am interested in hearing others opinions and ideas and have written this short paragraph to create a discussion.


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