Photo credit: Ulrik Slot Christensen, Flickr

Photo credit: Ulrik Slot Christensen, Flickr

Temptress, ouch your sizzling hot!
Fires burning, tell me what’s cooking in the pot?
I got my game on I’m a gamer
I’ll be like staring at this bitch intensely,
She’s a challenge maybe I can tame her.

Rejected at first but I’m not stressed,
Imma keep trying til I get this bitch undressed.
Fuck my last bitch I’m need someone taboo,
Need to feel some new skin and baby it’s gonna be you!

I’m a gamer you know how I be
Gaming everyday ’til imma satisfy me
Grand theft auto, Call of duty ghost now listen girl I ain’t one to boast…

I’ll get my head right between your thighs,
I’ll take you to new levels of unprecedented highs,
Beautiful Girl you’ll be buzzin off my lovin’
Tender roni, deep affection, romantic lies, I’m perfection!

Oh my! I nearly made myself cum,
Thinking ’bout my charm and swagger
Like a Rolling Stone
Imma get bitches under my thumb.

I’m a gamer Xbox, playstation, I got my 3D TV,
Gonna make you so happy now shut up and statisfy me.
I’m saving up for a family, come on!
I’m honest, I’m real, come travel with me!
Psychopathy is not my cuppa tea.

I’m a gamer, I’m a gamer…
That’s Me!!


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