You Fucked My Boyfriend

Photo credit: Bradley Stephen Wise, Flickr

Image credit: Bradley Stephen Wise, Flickr

“You fucked by boyfriend” she says in a huff.
Sweetheart, your boyfriend is anyone’s, one woman is not enough.

She befriends her in hope she can intervene and intercept future liaisons between the two,
All this energy trying to control will make her feel blue.
The ‘other womans’ word is not insurance enough…

“Sweetheart, darling i’m no longer a threat,
I’m not responsible for him keeping his dick wet.
I’ve blocked him on WhatsApp and FB alone.
So please stop texting my phone…
With adolescent messages that will drive you insane,
There’s nothing to gain,
All have been hurt in this game”.

A love triangle, a whirl wind romance, or a guilty sexy secret?
Think what you like & blame me if it justifys you staying.
A split in your thinking supports your denial,
Like an alcoholic I suggest you start praying.

“See her that temptress how powerful she is, she seduced my man, I love him unconditionally”,
Poor man how could he have resisted,
her fresh untouched Cunt, she said no, he insisted.

I no longer stand in your way do your stretch, do your time,
But mark my words the man ain’t yours or mine.
He is anyone’s!

Once he sees a curve on a new fresh soft breast,
A firm arse in a summer skirt and smells sweet unfamiliar perfume,
All will hit his senses and transcend through his body to a place where he cannot control.
Hard and frisky he lives in the moment buzzing off the next bitch… and so it goes on.

So seriously girlfriend i’m no longer the threat the girl next door could be next in his bed.
You may even find them fucking on your kitchen floor!
Or up against your bathroom door!
As this man loves the risk and the thrill and he will want more, more, more!

So will you end up telling ten thousand women, ‘you fucked my boyfriend!’
Or will you walk away and face the truth instead of acting aloof!


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