A Cautionary Tale

Photo credit: i k o, flickr

Photo credit: i k o, Flickr

Little boy Gable wants so desperately to be loved. Could it be he missed out on it as a child? He searches for women to love him but the love of one woman is not enough to feed this hungry little boy. He needs many to boost his ego and esteem.

He has learnt to cleverly master the art of manipulation to entice and engage his women. He flatters, charms and convinces with words that disarm and render a woman weak. Women try and resist but he is persistent in his approach until one let’s her guard down.

“Your beautiful! Stunning and special. Ive always liked you” he says.

Gable looks deep into a woman’s eyes as he makes love, the intensity of this moment of ‘oneness’ is mistaken by the woman for a deep connection but for Gable he’s been here many times before and soon it will become a bore.

Gable may not be aware that he is angry with his mother for not treating him right as a child, for not loving him as a child should be loved and cared for. He changes towards his women showing the other side of his personality. Ugly and cold, he gives back the cruelty he suffered at the hands of his mother to the women he fucks.

Gable punishes the women he sees for daring to question or express their needs. Their needs don’t matter! Gable’s needs are bigger, his needs must be met first.

As Gable’s woman you must not ‘complain’ how annoying for him. This little boy Gable with his hurt inner self trapped in a man’s body looking for the missing love and mothering he never really got. I wonder if he realises the hurt and harm he causes along the way, creating a path of destruction of confused, broken down women that he has sexed, seeded and breeded!

“I love you” she says in hope it’s enough…”Love is all you need” he says but it’s never enough!


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